Meeting Funmi was a tremendous blessing to my business. I've never seen an entrepreneur so passionate about success. I attended her class on “How to Leverage on Social Media for Effective Marketing,” and since then, my business has never been the same. She tutored me on effective business marketing strategies and I still use the lessons I learnt till this day at SX MEDIA. Funmi is the definition of a smart & passionate entrepreneur. You will enjoy reading this book.

Nwaokolo Joshua SX MEDIA; Animation Network

I've known Princess Funmi for over five years and it feels like a lifetime. Every encounter has been meaningful and inspiring. She taught me how to make bags. Best of all, I have learnt from her how to take charge of the future while trusting God to do the rest. She goes at life with determination and hardworking, despite the challenges that come her way. She has never for once acted entitled. Whatever she wants, she goes for. Loyalty is a watchword for her, as well as humility and grit. Every time I remember her, I thank God for the strength He has given her to face life. Also, she reminds me that anything is possible, if you are determined.

Adebola Adesida Founder of Anakalypsis

Princess Olufunmi is a Lawyer, a serial entrepreneur. We met in the university (University of Lagos) as roommates. She has inspired me not to stop trying and to never give up. Her passion, perseverance and energy motivated and inspired me to start my own business. Princess Olufunmi is the real definition of a strong woman.

Funmi Diya Aderoju

Thank you so much for all you've done for my brand. You've helped me to realize that in anything you're doing, you must be intentional.

Alaaya Habibat CEO Crown Stitches

Funmi Ehuwa really impacted my business in a very great way. So many times, when things go wrong and I feel like giving up, all I remember is Funmi Ehuwa and I then renew my resolve not to let her down.

Aminat Oloyede Salami CEO Faariibymyna

I fondly call her Olufunmilayo, a.k.a, Strong Woman. I stumbled on Olufunmi's Instagram page, @tastycorridors, late in 2018 and started following her quietly until late October 2019. One Sunday, precisely, I was really depressed because my business was not going as planned; but luckily for me, it was the same day Olufunmi shared her story on her Instagram page. Everything in me changed after reading her story that day. I was moved to meet her in person, and I am glad I did. Olufunmi is a strong woman! I get inspired by her ability to push, even in tough situations. She has also mentored me business-wise and has opened my eyes to opportunities around me. She is indeed a go-getter.

Nkemdilim Mary Onelum Ceo Kem's Meals and Spices

My one on one sessions with the Olufunmi has been one of the best decisions in 2019. While everyone was looking to end year 2019 and Jump into 2020, I leant marketing and branding. Who knew 2020 would turn out this way... but someone like me I’ve been at the top of my game all thank you Olufunmi – Sidehustlechickng

Oluwatito Ipinmoye RDN CEO DHB Lifestyle

Thanks coach for your impartation. My life has changed since we had the one on one class. I have never been techy, now I feel like one, been able to develop myself regularly and also make money from teaching what I have thought. I'm coming back for more. God bless you.

Busola Yakubu CEO Esponine

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